so unfortunately some so called "business owners " truly are not or should not be able too run a business. Charles gaylor is the most unprofessional craziest person I've ever interacted with!

this so called business owner runs several illegal and unlicensed business. I've spoke with a district court in new Jersey who has posted several court dates charles gaylor has against him. unfortunately these scam artists will not be caught without your complaints. he has multiple so called "businesses" all over the country but his home base is Canada.

smart fraudulent scam artists do this too ensure they can get away with anything! I've recently contacted other customers who have dealt with him.and none have been nice. it ends with the customer telling me once a botched hob is done he turns his back. not only does he refuse too fix his problems but he then harasses you (you would think he wouldn't have the time too call you nonstop because he says he's super busy running a "business) he tries too go as far as to.threatene people and scare them.

no scaring me, I will make it a priority too ensure everyone knows too be aware of his un business like reputation! please be aware of who you hire and always ask for a business lisence and so forth.

Review about: Eastern Refinishing Owner.

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Middletown, Connecticut, United States #1215901

This man is currently harassing a relative of mine. She called to reschedule and appointment and he went off on her, screaming vulgar insults at her and continues to call and leave threatening messages daily. Definitely some screw loose here.


What exactly was the problem with the job? I considered hiring this company until I just read this!!

Rochester, New York, United States #842953

My girlfriend dealt with him too and he is a *** artist. BEWARE!!

She is taking this up with her attorney. If there is anyone out there reading this, DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH EASTERN REFINISHING.

The owners name is Charlie and he's a wack job. I am surprised that he is still in business.

Jersey City, New Jersey, United States #773307

can someone on here tell me how too.contact bbb and lisencing ..?! I've had several phone calls from one of his employees asking me too return his $ from a job because charlie refusea too...


I too have dealt with him. I owed him 100$ for a repair that he never came too.do.

he called not only me but my wife as well.as my office at work.

he is a professional scam artist! BEWARE!!

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